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Lost And Yet Searching

Thesis Project
Maryland Institute College of Art

Imagine being part of a world where you don’t feel like you belong. Lost and Yet Searching explores the transition of Third Culture Kids. A Third Culture Kid (TCK) is a person who has spent a significant part of his or her developmental years outside the parents’ culture. The TCK frequently builds relationships with all cultures, without having ownership of any one. They are raised in a “neither/nor” world. It is neither fully the world of their parents’ culture (or cultures) nor fully the world of the other culture (or cultures) in which they were raised.

Being a “neither/nor” in a large world with very little guidance on how to navigate through the transition is not easy. The design of two zines, a video and a walk-through installation offer a way through which TCKs can relate and communicate with others. The publications help individuals recognize and use the gifts that the TCK childhood provides and the physical space allows people to experience a sense of community. Through communication and sharing experiences, it is my hope to normalize the third culture experience for this growing population.

Research & Process



My ideation process involves a lot of writing and sketching. These are a  few pages from my sketch book.


Sketches for a poster during my initial stage of exploration
on TCKs


Exhibition Elevation

Exhibition Design rendered in Cinema 4D

Working on my thesis, ‘Lost and Yet Searching’ has been a journey. I have been pushed to expand my boundaries creatively, broaden my skill set and to be flexible. The effect of the COVID19 pandemic allowed me to look at the greater picture and to see my project through this unprecedented crisis. Being a TCK who is well-versed in change made me well-prepared for this crisis.


Informational zine on Third Culture Kids. Click link to view zine:  https://issuu.com/rvergis/docs/zine_informational_issuu

This includes 2 zines, where one would be an informational zine and the other would highlight the skills acquired from being a TCK.

Skills Zine highlight the skills acquired from being a TCK. Click link to view zine:  https://issuu.com/rvergis/docs/zine_2_issuu




The installation is a visual experience through which people will get to walk through a 3-dimensional environment that consists of circular shapes that are suspended from the ceiling with nylon fishing lines. These shapes hold relatable questions that trigger memories of past transitions.


The motion video will be a trailer to the thesis show which highlights conversations that lead to the creation of a community. These are illustrated using the abstract design elements from my thesis.

Areas Of Further Exploration

The idea of further exploring my thesis excites me! I can see myself expanding my zines to create a collection that touches on various subjects like navigating languages, personal characteristics of TCKs, tools to answer frequently asked questions and so on. I envision these zines being handed out to students graduating international boarding schools just like mine around the world.I can also visualize my installation in environments such as airports, universities and even hotels.