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Project Advisor: Kiel Mutschelknaus

Maryland Institute College Of Art

By using Cinema 4D as a tool for image-making, I created a campaign for a festival. Partycles is a festival that is catered to doctors, scientists, and researchers and it focuses on a night of discussion, classical music and slow dancing. It’s a festival that brings together science and music. The campaign features a series of posters, tickets and motion videos for Instagram.



Sketches and first attempts of creating a visual language


                                                                                   Developing a form and experimentation with type



Designing tickets for the event


Work in progress in Cinema 4D

Experimenting with various forms, lighting and transpariencies allowed me to explore my ideas further. Typography played a large role in the posters and how the information is perceived and understood.

Series of posters

Ticket design flats

Billboards for subways


Motion videos for Instagram


Motion trailer for Partycles