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Richard Niessen & His World of Multicoloured Visuals

Project Advisor: Maureen Weiss

Maryland Institute College Of Art

An exploration into the world of Richard Niessen led to designing for a hypothetical graphic design lecture by him. In an interview, Niessen expressed his love for experimentation while working on posters. He challenges the function of graphic design by bending, folding and cutting posters to create interesting visuals. I was inspired by his process and began to create an identity for his lecture by highlighting this process through the use of dotted lines to indicate folding or cutting. The book is informative with details of his background and his most renowned works and follows the design of the dotted line, while the poster and screen design feature the lecture “The Art Of Making” where the dotted lines are deconstructed to showcase his process.

Image of the book on Richard Niessen

Image of 'The Art of Making' poster

Mockups of screen design to book tickets